Wildlife preservation is not only our job it’s our passion.  Bird and Wildlife Design was founded on the principles of hard work and honesty towards our clients. Those principles have allowed us to build an impressive client base across the United States including Alaska & Canada. Although in the early years our emphasis was on waterfowl, upland birds & turkeys, we have expanded our operation to include full service of North American and Foreign mammals.

Quality is a word often used, but rarely delivered. Within these pages there are examples of client and personal mounts and as you will see the work speaks for itself. These examples are the reason why our cliental return time and time again to add to their collections. We feel that only offering custom quality taxidermy services have allowed us to become one of Colorado’s leading wildlife preservation businesses.

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Innovation is the key to leading composition designs and higher presentation standards. At Bird and Wildlife Design all the pieces we produce incorporate the latest materials and technologies available to date. To produce a custom mount with these standards takes an investment in talent, experience and expense. When a client views their piece for the first time and feelings of excitement well up like the day the specimen was harvested, makes the investment well worth it.

A collective imagination between our staff and the customer produce some great ideas with striking presentation appeal.  A simple standing bird mount or even a shoulder mount deer, if thought out and done right can leave a lasting impression on its viewer. We take pride in recreating each and every aspect that it takes to produce outstanding work and feel that’s the service our clients deserve.

Planning a hunting expedition within the US or abroad? We will be happy to provide the necessary information and paperwork to help make your trip home with your specimens as easy as possible. Most hunters spend very little time and effort planning the return trip with collected specimens. By taking some time to learn how to care for or supervising the care of your specimens can make the difference in a mounts finished quality. Take a few monuments to educated yourself with the processes and techniques that are involved in the field care of an animal or bird.

Since inception in 1994 we have continued to expand our knowledge and clientele. We believe that success cannot be judged by a dollar alone. With the growth of our business we are forced to look forward to greater goals in the future. As of the start of 2007 we have begun to plan for a move to a larger facility. This move is to fill several needs, one being the need for a larger gallery for life size specimens. Today, as well as in the future Bird and Wildlife Design is prepared to accommodate private and corporate collectors with all their taxidermy needs.




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